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Are You for or Against S.2219 Stop the Underrides Act of 2017?

It looks like another rule/law is coming down the pipeline for the American transportation sector, specifically the trucking industry. In December of 2017 some members of Congress put forth legislation that will mandate new safety regulations for semis. This bill, introduced as S.2219 Stop the Underrides Act of 2017, would mandate front and side underride guards. It would also require the rear underride guards be brought up to higher and stronger standards. Safety of passenger vehicle occupants is the premise for this legislation.

Currently, S.2219 Stop the Underrides Act of 2017 is only in the introductory stage. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is holding off on their final assessment until additional research in progress is completed and evaluated. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) released the findings of their study in Spring of 2017 showing some evidence that side underride guards may prevent tragic fatalities in passenger vehicle occupant crashes with semis.

If this law is passed, should we just consider it another cost of doing business for the trucking industry? If the past is any indication to what new regulations and laws will bear, then the answer is a definitive yes. For those who haven't voluntarily installed these underride guards it might be wise to think about the ramifications of what the enactment of this law will bring and how this will potentially impact your future business costs. Hopefully, the mandating of any new requirements such as this will allow for ample time for compliance and implementation. Naturally, there are varied opinions about this bill. Not everyone is a proponent. This article gives some indication of how people feel about another regulation and its impact.

As with all laws, rules and regulations in the works that will affect the transportation arena, we will have to follow this one and report back as it moves through the process, is passed as law, or gets scrapped and voted down. Regardless of the outcome, there is obviously a clear emphasis on safety and it appears various agencies and elected officials are starting to scrutinize the existing safety rules, regulations, and laws more intensely. This bill clarifies the fact about one thing-the transportation industry is indeed seeing its fair share of rules, regulations and compliance requirements being imposed.

Whatever we can do voluntarily on our part to keep our people, goods, commodities, materials, and roads safe we should all surely try to do. At Country Supply we want you to be safe. Our highly trained service team is here to repair your trailer or install accessories using only the latest tools and diagnostics to give you peace of mind and get you back on the road. Our parts department has everything from trailer lights to cargo tie downs to keep you and your cargo safe and secure. Safety matters. Call us at 708-258-6900 or send us an email to set up your service appointment or talk to one of our sales people regarding our inventory of new and used trailers and forklifts for purchase, lease or rent.

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