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How Trailer Leasing Gives Your Growing Company Flexibility

Leasing trailers is usually an option emphasized for single owner-operators and small fleets. But the growing turbulence in the trucking industry is making it a better option for growing and medium-sized fleets, too: not only can your company grow to take advantage of the increasing demand and a national trucking shortage, you can test varying trailer sizes to build your business plan according to changing markets.

Why is fast growth important?

Once you overcome the unique hurdles of becoming an owner-operator, increasing your fleet from one to two vehicles, and hiring employees, the biggest issues left are scalability. Take advantage of the knowledge you've gained growing your company without waiting for the capital to purchase the trailers your company can handle. Once you've grown your fleet to four drivers or more, your ability to scale the size of your operation successfully starts to outstrip your immediate resources, and leasing can help make your profits grow to bridge that gap.

Why should you experiment with trailers of different sizes?

One of the biggest changes in the transportation of retail goods is home delivery; instead of delivering good to big box stores for individual consumers to come buy, many truck companies are delivering specific, variable goods to localized systems of warehouses for individual deliveries. This means many trucks are driving partially filled, and that means inefficiency. With a wider selection of trailer sizes that you can organize along different routes and with different contracts in mind, you can test which trailers best do the widest range of jobs.

Leasing is one of the best tools new and growing companies have for both flexibility and experimentation: you can test your expansion plans without putting your business at risk, and you can grow your business faster instead of having to wait to recoup down payments. Go to Country Supply to see which trailers are the best for getting started.



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