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Semi-Trucks Restricted

A lot of cities have restricted easy semi-truck travel within their bounds, whether through prohibiting trucks from certain roads or by blocking rest stop franchises from setting up shop. Travel through Odessa, Texas, will be modified because the city council recently passed an ordinance that forces the majority of semi-truck traffic to drive exclusively on Loop 338 and Interstate 20.

What are the ramifications of this ordinance if you frequently pass through Odessa?

If you live in Odessa, this ordinance will bar you from parking your rig in your neighborhood. But if you deliver loads into Odessa, you can drive to the store or delivery point. Also, any repairs or servicing your truck needs can still happen in Odessa, since the ordinance looks at your destination; it's passing through that the ordinance will prevent.

These regulations have already been in place for drivers with hazardous materials, and the city unanimously passed this ordinance to reduce both dangerous driving conditions and noise pollution. This change will go into effect July 27, and violations could result in a $2,000 fine.

The city council in Thunder Bay, Ontario, is considering making similar restrictions this fall. Instead of restricting all trucks to specific highways, their ordinance would prohibit semi-trucks and vehicles weighing more than 15,000 kilograms on most roads while restricting over-weight transport vehicles to two main highways.

New city and state regulations can impact your planned routes and make changes to your driving schedules that cost you time and money. Keep up to date with industry and regulatory news for more updates.

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