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XL Specialized Trailers Take Steps to Leave a Lasting Impression

Did you attend the Mid America Trucking Show in March 2017? If not, you missed one of our favorite suppliers’ great reveals. That’s right, XL Specialized Trailers’ Design Team were at it again. They’ve taken their already well designed trailers and made them even better with a number of additions. They include, but aren’t confined to anti-corrosion elements and long-lasting decks.

“Wood” You Want a Long Lasting Deck?

Personally, we’ve always been a fan of XL Specialized Trailers’ design style. For instance, we’re proud to report that many of the used XL Specialized Trailers on or Country Supply lots are outfitted with Apitong flooring. Not surprisingly, the flooring is made from the Apitong tree. It’s a hardwood species indigenous to the Pacific Rim that boasts a number inherent features semi-truck industry members love. For example, it is resistant to most wood-boring insects, fungi, weather-induced shrinkage and damage from continued, routine usage.

Kicking Rusty Bottoms to the Curb

As such, we’re stoked to learn XL Specialized Trailers will be using the flooring in their latest models. We feel that it, along with the anti-corrosion metals the firm is also using, will help keep the trailers in excellent condition. Accordingly, our Country Supply Sales Team is looking forward to selling used XL Specialized Trailers that include both the galvanized metal and Apitong wood features.

Used Doesn’t Mean Washed Up

Right now, we have a number of trailer styles and brands in stock. The new metal components by XL Specialized Trailers aren’t expected to show up on this year’s lowboys until later but as we can attest, the old models are still doing fine.  Just make an appointment to stroll across the Country Supply showroom and check out the used trailers for yourself. We’re sure that you’ll agree the models are among the most sought-after, durable trailers around for good reason. To set that appointment and start learning more, please contact Country Supply now.

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