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Trail King's Aluminum Hopper Conveyor Trailer

Trail King Trailers showcased its new Aluminum Hopper Conveyor Trailer at the 2016 Mid-America Trucking Show. The trailer has a variety of settings to improve any farming operation. The designed maximizes efficiency and improves profitability in farming.

The Aluminum Hopper Conveyor Trailer has 19 feet of vertical height adjustment. It also has a side-to-side swing radius of a full 12 feet. This is the largest in the industry. An operator can adjust the conveyor from controls at the rear of the trailer. These options save time and energy for operators. An operator does more work without wasting time to move the trailer.

The conveyor goes with a standard grain hopper trailer. The belts come in 16 and 18 feet with cups. The conveyor comes with a removable option. The attachment weight is as light as 13,516 pounds. This allows more hauled every load. The trailer can hold 1,402 bushels.

The conveyor has a ground clearance of 21 feet. This makes it easier to use in rough terrain and poor weather. The trailer allows for four divided compartments. These divide at full height for convenience. The trap door set up provides control of load.

Side windows are an option for the hoppers. They are available in multiple positions. Window placement is high or low based on preference and ease. This takes away the need to climb up and down while monitoring the hoppers.

Another feature is the Standard Shur-Co 4500 Series Roll Tarp. This tarp is strong and safe. The design makes it easy for one person to operate. This tarp withstands any condition to keep the load safe.

New technologies like these improve work and profit. Keeping up with changes means an increase in both. To find out more contact us.

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